Bedrock Sandals Are Already the Best—Now They’re Making Clogs Too

I started my uh, adventure sandals, I guess I’ll call them, journey years ago after much reluctance. First with Chaco sandals, which are great, but then I stepped into the holy grail of sandals, the Bedrock Cairn Pro. They are more comfy than flip-flops, and have a Vibram sole burly enough to handle pretty serious hikes. Freaking love these things (no they are not paying us to say that).

I’ve tried to wear them in the cold too. Even bought a bunch of socks with toes in them for that purpose. But it takes approximately two hours per foot to put toe socks on so I rarely do that. Sadly, the Beddies sit tight until it’s warm enough to go sockless.

Or, until now that is. Because Bedrock just launched their new Mountain Clogs.

They appear to have essentially the same soles as the Cairn Pros, and same 3-point strap system, but with Nubuck uppers and a toe cap. So you can kick all the cairns you want.

I haven’t tried them yet, but I have to assume there isn’t a toe loop in there, so the feel will be a little different from the sandals. They’re also, as you’d expect, pricier at $175 than their sandals are. But I can tell you the sandals are as durable as, well, bedrock.

They look like a great solution for a camp shoe in shoulder season when you can deal with sandals except in the mornings and at night. Or a super breathable hiker in crisp, cold temps. Can tell you right now, I’ll use them as my shop shoe when working on bikes and surfboards in the garage.

Gotta buy my pair first though. Which you can do, right here.



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