Your (Semi) Annual Reminder That Bedrock Sandals Are the Best Sandals

Chacos schmockos. Tevas schmevas. It’s Bedrocks our feet crave. There’s just something about the minimalist-ish (depending on style) Vibram soles and the toe thong strap that makes these things work. And look vaguely exotic. They’re not chunky, they don’t look like your aunt Gertrude’s sandals, they look like they mean business.

In warm weather, they’re my go-to day hikers. I’ve put 12 miles of rugged granite trail Sierra hiking on mine in single days before with zero complaints from my tootsies. They don’t break. They don’t seem to wear down. The straps get softer and more comfortable over the years. They’re easy on, easy off. Unlike other, bigger name sandal brands, you might, depending on where you live, get a little nod of the head or a wiggly foot wave from a fellow Bedrock enthusiast out on the trail or at the outdoor beer pub. Sandals mean summer, which means Bedrocks mean summer.

We’re partial to the Cairn, with the smooth footbed, but lotsa people swear by the Cairn 3Ds, with raised portions below your toes. Can’t go wrong with either.

Get yours here. $105-115.

– Justin Housman, he of the “Fine, I’ll Wear Sandals,” article.



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