For the Love of Dirt: Watch ‘From Biocrust With Love’


If you don’t know biocrust, get ready for a whole new love affair. Biocrust is an interconnected colony of cyanobacteria, lichens, mosses, and lots of microorganisms that live atop desert soil. It holds the soil in place, helping to preserve life in the world’s most arid places. It can be green, brown, black, sometimes orange, but is always fragile and always under appreciated. 

Dr. Kristina Young, a biocrust expert, teamed up with John Watson at The Radavist to bikepacking in the desert to learn more about biocrust and why it matters, in a short film called “From Biocrust With Love,” directed by good friend of AJ Sinuhe Xavier — check it out above. 

If you like the film, you’re going to love our podcast dropping this Monday, May 6. It features our interview with Dr. Young and dives way more into the crust, as it were. She’s a fabulous interview, and we know you’ll love it. We’ll post it to the website next week. But for now, enjoy the film. 



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