The AJ Podcast—My Summer with the UBCO eMotorcycle

Electric bicycles are taking over the world. That might make some trail users grumpy, but from a climate perspective, it’s a good thing. Electric motorcycles…there are a few, but it’s not exactly a revolution. Now, filling the gap between bikes and motorcycles, comes the UBCO, a two-wheel drive that combines the best of both. Today, we’re talking about how this is about the most fun you can have in the saddle and why bikes like that can be the future of backcountry mobility.

UBCO is now offering a $250 discount to AJ readers and listeners.


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0:00 Introduction
2:39 Stephen’s Bike History
3:45 Specs of the UBCO eBike
10:18 Where does it fit in?
16:17 Using it for Errands
22:07 Where can you ride it?
31:39 The Drawbacks
36:26 Charging
37:45 Applications
45:39 Comparison to Other Bikes
48:25 Closing Thoughts


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