Three of the Most Popular National Parks in the Country to Require Reservations in 2024

The National Park Service announced earlier this week that Arches, Glacier, and Rocky Mountain National Parks are keeping their pilot reservation systems for the 2024 season. They’re sticking with the trial run, kicking the can on plans for a permanent timed entry system.

Rocky Mountain National Park is bringing back the timed entry reservations beginning May 24. Arches National Park will require all visitors secure a timed entry permit as of April 1, according to same procedure as the 2023 season. Glacier National Park will require timed entry resos for vehicles, starting May 24 on the western side of Going to the Sun Road and the North Fork, with a second round on July 1 for Many Glacier. 

The reservation scramble at Arches, likely the toughest ticket to get, kicks off on January 2, so limber up those clicking fingers. Reservations can be made at

While a reservation system certainly slams the brakes on most last-minute trips to national parks, anecdotally, when Yosemite has a timed entry reservation system it is *much* more pleasant for visitors, staff, and, presumably, wildlife. 

Words by Justin Housman



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