Powder and Mountain Gazette Release Milestone Issues

mountain gazette cover


A brand is never really dead as long as its intellectual property still has value, and hallelujah for it. A couple years after Powder magazine’s owners shut down its print magazine and fired pretty much everyone but the keeper of the flame, photography director Dave Reddick, the skier’s magazine is back with a wonderful new issue. Symbolically, poetically, it’s issue 50.1—yes, Powder is fifty years old. That banger cover was snapped by photographer Blake Jorgensen; it shows James McSkimming giving a patch of Whistler backcountry what for. Congrats to Dave, to editor Matt Hansen who helmed the issue, to the folks at the Arena Group who saw the promise of print and gave the greenlight to the issue, and, finally, to all the fans of skiing who kept the faith.


Powder Magazine cover


Speaking of keeping the faith, big props are due, too, to Mike Rogge and the crew at Mountain Gazette, who’ve just dropped issue 200. 200!!! That is bonkers commitment. If you’re new to Mountain Gazette, it has a tremendous legacy and, like Powder, has had periods of dormancy. Rogge’s vision and love of print have brought it back, and kudos for that. The dramatic new cover features the artwork of the late Tom Benton, who produced covers for MG back in the 1970s.


If you’re a fan of these magazines, support them by subscribing. Whether owned by a corporation like Powder or a single passionate dude like Mountain Gazette, the media only survives by the patronage of readers.


Words by Stephen Casimiro




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