The AJ Podcast—How Adventure Can Change Your Life

  Episode 1 of our new podcast, The Adventure Journal Podcast, is now live. We’ve talked about it for years, and now we’ve finally done the dang thing. 

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Did you have one seminal experience that set you on a life of adventure? Or did you come to your adventurousness gradually? Adventure Journal founder and editor Stephen Casimiro and senior editor Justin Housman unpack their first major adventures, tackling how and why the restless hunger to explore gets under our skin.

In Over/Under, they take a stand on whether the American Northeast is overrated as an adventure destination.

In gear, Casimiro’s new canvas tent is a game changer for him—can it be for you, too? Plus, a review of the new novel by one of our favorite authors, Peter Heller, The Last Ranger. And probably lots more we’re forgetting. 

0:00 Our New Podcast!
3:57 Canvas Tents
14:38 Book Club: The Last Ranger
24:20 Adventures That Changed Lives
53:13 Over/Under: American Northeast

Stephen’s Kodiak Canvas Tent:×12-ca…Justin’s White Duck Outdoors Canvas Regatta Bell Tent:…
The Last Ranger:…

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