Hey, We Started a Coffee Company!

Hello, people! I am thrilled to tell you that the folks who bring you Adventure Journal—that is, Joni and me—have just launched a new coffee company, Long Weekend Coffee

 Yep, after more than a year of planning, tasting, blending, roasting, and more tasting, Long Weekend is open for business as of today, and you are the first to know. We’re making our debut with four blends—dark, medium, espresso, and decaf—a small lineup of brewing tools, and some great merch. Customer service is being handled by Beth Norby, whom you know and love from her work at AJ, and yes, Justin Housman is on the case, too.

Many of you are no doubt saying what?! Those who know us well are probably saying what took you so long?

And as for those who are wondering why?, there are three reasons. First, c’mon, it’s coffee: the greatest and most popular social lubricant in the world, iconic foglifter, cone of light in the darkness, happy jolt in your day, the heat that warms you from the inside to the out. Second, we think the world needs a brand that is unapologetically optimistic, that stands for the timeless values of good clean fun, and that celebrates the special freedom that is extended time off. Finally, we are very excited about the storytelling potential for Long Weekend. Where AJ is rooted in mountain culture and type three fun, LWC leans coastal, loves chilling, and takes its design cues from the warm, Mediterranean 1970s—think orange Capri beach umbrellas, avocado BMW coupes, and deep-red Calder sunsets. 

For the finer arts of sourcing and roasting the highest-quality specialty beans, we turned to our friends at DOMA Coffee in Idaho, who helped us develop friendly, versatile, and yummy blends worthy of your camp, cabin, or home. Single-origin and seasonal offerings are on the calendar for later this year, and by Labor Day you’ll find Long Weekend instant sachets in LOGE Camp rooms nationwide.

All our coffees are roasted to order, most on the same day, and shipped the next business day. I can’t wait for you to try them!


Stephen Casimiro


More weekend, please.



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