Burton Snowboard Rental Program Delivers New Rides to Your Doorstep

Folks who ride only a few times per year and spend hours each winter at the rental shack counter standing in line, filling out forms, getting fitted, etc. have a new option when it comes to avoiding the chaos: Burton Snowboards will deliver rentals of snowboards, boots, bindings, and apparel right to your door. Or the door of your lodging in the mountains, which makes a lot more sense, actually.

Here’s how it works. Go online. Pick your stuff. Pay for the rental. It shows up. Go shred. Then mail it back in the same box it arrived in. Really, it doesn’t get much simpler.

Scanning the shelves over at Rentals.Burton.com, it appears most boards are about $30 per day. I just plugged in a three-day trip just after Christmas needing boots, bindings, and a board and it came out to $213. It’s cheaper if you just need the board of course. And hey, maybe you just want to try a different board. Here’s your chance.

Seems reasonable considering the massive convenience.

Awayco, a company that has now shifted to managing rental software rather than renting hardgoods themselves, was a promising rental outlet a few years ago. They started with surfboards available at surf-adjacent locations around the world. You could rent the board online, show up when you got to your beach town, and pick up your boards. A nice way to avoid board baggage fees and the hassle of flying with your own boards. They moved into the ski and snowboard space, too, but weren’t shipping things right to your house. This seems like the key upgrade with Burton’s plan.

The program just started this fall, so not a lot of data or feedback to this point, but it’s a nice idea as rental lines can truly be a pain.



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