The World May Be Insane Right Now, But the Bears Are Still Plenty Fat

Mercifully, the distraction of Fat Bear Week is here. A tradition, (sorry The Masters golf tournament) that is truly unlike any other. Is your state in a worrisome drought? Or inundated with flooding? Wildfires? Inflation got you down? Are you a Mets fan who just watched your team cough up a massive division lead to the Braves?

Let the bears and their insatiable appetite for wild Alaskan salmon and berries and whatever else they gorge on in the early fall smorgasbord soothe your jangled nerves.

In years past, we’ve broken down the Fat Bear Week contenders, but who cares? The real winners here? Us. You and me. I have the Youtube channel open in another tab right now listening to the peaceful shushing and burbling of water. I can click over, watch the bears lolling about, pawing at leaping salmon, drift away for a bit, and all is right with the world.

Sure, you can of course vote for the fattest of the bears, but watching them get fat is the point.



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