I always thought a rocker was crucial when selecting a chair for car camping. Just something about that gentle swaying back and forth sitting around a campfire. I love the REI Kingdom Rocker and have had a couple of them for years, but they’re discontinued and I needed a third chair. So I picked out the Klymit Switchback Reclining Camp Chair figuring the reclining option might cancel out that it’s not a rocker.

Turns out, I found my new favorite chair.

In the wild. The color scheme is nice too. Looks classy. Photo: Housman

It’s just flat out comfy. That’s all you need in a camp chair isn’t it? It reclines in three different positions and it’s easy to adjust. It’s a sturdy chair that feels solidly made so no fears the reclining mechanism is going to fail and dump you on your butt. The armrests are foam padded which is a little thing that makes a huge difference. Nice high back for neck and head support. You can lean back, drop a hat over your eyes, and snooze away the afternoon next to the stream you fished all morning.


The only downside is standard to all camp chairs — it’s fairly bulky even when collapsed to its smallest. Having said that, it takes much less space in my truck than the REI rocker mentioned above. Also, though the chair weighs about 12 pounds, it has nice shoulder straps so you can tote it on your back in transport.

We’ve liked everything else we’ve tried from Klymit and they knocked it out of the park with this recliner.

• BUY $120

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