Alexandera Houchin Does it Again, Victory After 527 Miles On a Singlespeed

If you don’t know Alexandera Houchin, you’re in for a treat. She routinely smokes the field in huge-mile mountain bike races, usually in her trademark workboots (she values their sturdiness) and always on a singlespeed. Full of life, smiles, and an endless well of endurance, she’s the kind of cycling athlete who reminds us this whole thing is supposed to be about the fun, after all.

Above image is from last year’s event.

She just took home first place women’s honors in the 2022 Colorado Trail Race after slogging through 527 miles of mud, mud, and more mud. “It was the wettest I’ve experienced,” she told “I felt super soggy.”

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Check out the video all about Houchin below.



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