Review: PNW’s Loam Pedals Are Heaven for Flats Lovers

Big, but not too big. Light, but not too light. Cool-looking but not too bling-y. PNW is really hitting the sweet spot with their bike gear the past few years. Their droppers are fantastic and at least try to be unique, their grips are very good, and their new line of mtb apparel kicks ass. But their aluminum Loam pedals might be the best thing they make. They’re just flats with the normal complement of pins — nothing revolutionary here. But they simply feel terrific. At 105mm wide x 115mm long they offer plenty of platform for confident riding but they don’t feel like pie plates below your feet either. Just an impressive pedal from a company making very solid stuff.

Just enough size that you can get away with mistakes but you still need your feet in the right place. Paired with Endura’s excellent MT500 Burner clipless shoes. Photo: Justin Housman
Oh you want bling? They can do that too.


Get yours, here. $99



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