Having tried and failed to construct a blackout sheet between the front seats and rear sleeping area in the back of my SUV, I was stoked to see Luno’s new privacy curtain hit the market. The 200-denier polyester black screen attaches to the side grab handles with a length of webbing, along which it slides like a shower curtain.

Fiberglass rods sewn into the curtain keep the top flush with the ceiling, and magnets seal the two sides together in the center when it’s siesta time. It’s not lightproof—a few more magnets would help—but it goes a long way toward keeping prying eyes from, well, prying.

Seventy bucks might seem like a lot for two panels of poly and some webbing, but if you’ve ever wished to sleep more stealthily in the back of your rig, it’s worth it.


• 70, BUY

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