All entrances to Yellowstone National Park are closed after massive floods ripped apart bridges, tore roads from the sides of hills, and trapped nearby residents without safe drinking water or any way to evacuate. Park officials on Monday raced to rescue visitors from sections of the park via any means necessary.

The Yellowstone River swelled to record highs over the weekend and on Monday as torrential rains combined with high runoff from melting snow. As of Monday evening, the river was still rising near Livingston, though it was expected to crest overnight. The river reached 13.88 feet at Corwin Springs, Montana, on Monday, two feet higher than the previous record high set in 1913. The National Guard made several rescues, including swift-water rescues.

Precipitation in June was 400 percent of normal in parts of Wyoming and Montana.


The park will be closed until at least Wednesday. More rain is in the forecast.

Photo: National Park Service

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