What’s the Most Epic 48-Hour Adventure You Can Have in America?

A neighbor buddy of mine was sitting next to me in our local coffeehouse the other day, pondering where and what he could pull off in a two-night epic. He’s a former ultrarunner, with fitness levels most of us will only read about, so his idea of an epic couple of days might be different from yours or mine (definitely different than mine). But he has three-day weekends every week, the lucky SOB, and he was trying to plan a summer of two-day epics.

As we chatted about what he thought he could pull off, we got to wondering: What big 48-hour American adventure epics are the biggest? Not just outrageous feats of human endurance like running 100 miles in one day and riding 100 the next simply for the sake of covering that mileage, but actual point to point achievements, or big rides to reach a bag gable peak along a route that makes some natural sense. Climbing the Grand Teton one day, century ride the next; doing the low-to-high deal cycling through Death Valley then climbing Whitney; running the length of the Tahoe Rim Trail, etc.

Can’t exactly run a multiple choice list of questions here, so you tell us—what’s the most epic two days you can have here in the US?

Top photo: Patrick Hendry



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