Review: Tifosi Rail Are Solid Shades for Well Under $100

I fought having dedicated cycling glasses for a long time. Thing is, you can get by just fine with regular sunnies, really. But after awhile, you get tired of beating up and sweating profusely on glasses you want to wear off the bike, and they don’t fit quite as well under a helmet, plus they tend to slip when the sweat starts flowing (sorry). Once I got my first pair of cycling glasses I was hooked but goodness, they get real expensive, real fast.

Which is why I really like the new Tifosi Rail. For $80 you get lightweight and comfy frames and three interchangeable lenses, that, so far anyway, provide the same clarity and protection as glasses I’ve had that cost four times the price of the Tifosis. The Rail is rimless, offering a forget-you’re-wearing them feel, and the high contrast lenses provide excellent sharpness. For $80! If you bust a lens, or just want a different tint, you can order more for around $20. Tifosi’s been in the bargain glasses game for a long time now, and I guess they’ve been perfecting their game. I don’t know why you’d spend $200 or $300 for cycling shades when these exist.

• BUY $80



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