How About Making These Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Marionberry S’mores?

You can only write about camp cooking for so long before you feel compelled to tap into the classics. Flapjacks, hot dogs, chili. These are celebrated camping favorites that make up the canon of camp cooking. How we made it this far without doing a s’more recipe is beyond us, but we can assure you, it definitely won’t be our last.

As we passed through Oregon we learned a lot of interesting things, for instance: Half of the state is a desert, you’re forbidden from pumping your own gas, and, the blackberries we were paying $5 a pound for in Los Angeles grow along the side of the road like weeds. We also learned that Oregonians have a particular fondness for a certain variety of the blackberry called a marionberry. (Basically it’s just an extra-long jacked-up blackberry.) All along the Oregon coast, restaurants have road signs boasting of their marionberry pies and homemade jams. It’s a thing.

Oregon also has another interesting quirk: they call hazelnuts “filberts.” The filbert is Oregon’s official state nut, and for good reason too: 99 percent of the hazelnuts produced in the United States come from Oregon. So really, as far as we’re concerned, they can call them whatever they like.

For our Oregon-themed s’more we put a slight twist on the original recipe by including freshly picked marionberries and a filbert dark chocolate bar. The burst of natural sweetness from the berries and the crunchy pop of the nuts brings an additional level of depth to this campfire classic. So pick up some black berries and a hazelnut bar and get a little taste of Oregon.




Hazelnut Marionberry S’more

1 graham cracker sheet, broken in half
1 marshmallow
1 square chocolate (we love the dark chocolate with hazelnuts from TJ’s for this dessert!)
small handful marionberries (or blackberries)

Roast marshmallow to your liking over the fire. Campfire bans all across the Western US got you down? Us, too. We roasted ours over our little propane stove, and it turned out perfect.

Assemble the s’more: graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, marionberries, and top with the other graham cracker half.


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