Patagonia’s CEO Ponders Stopping Growth Or Even Moving Backward

Ryan Gellert became CEO of Patagonia in 2020 after then-CEO Rose Marcario unexpectedly stepped down. Gellert had been with the brand for a little while already, and came from a high-level position with Patagonia when he was named CEO. Gellert, like Marcario, seems concerned with ensuring Patagonia sticks to its activist principles, while wrestling with how to maintain a successful capitalist business. The New York Times published an interview with Gellert over the weekend, and it’s an interesting look at how one exec, and the brand itself, reconciles having to grow to survive, while trying to limit impact and waste. “Let’s also be ruthlessly honest about the fact that everything we do as humans has some impact on the planet,” he says.

You can read the whole interview, right here.

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