This Bernzomatic Propane Cylinder Fuel Gauge Answers the Big Question

Sure, you can just burn a propane cylinder until the flame goes out, indicating the cylinder is empty. You can always buy new cylinders before a camp trip, just to be sure, and have a dozen or so bottles clinking around with who knows how much propane left.

Or you could get this $12 gauge from Bernzomatic and find out how much propane is actually in those little green bottles.

It works with both 14 oz and 16 oz propane bottles. The standard ones you associate with two-burner, suitcase-style camp stoves. You hook the top of the bottle into the bottom of the gauge, hold it up, and gravity tells the gauge how much fuel is left. It works in 25% intervals.

I’ve been using it to ensure my bottles are empty before taking to my local outdoor store for processing, and to catalog which bottles are half full, which are on fumes, and which are gone gone. Pretty cool little device.

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