Review: The Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pack Pliers Is Our New Fave Bike Tool

My first bike multitool was a hex key set from Park Tools. Plastic, inexpensive, as long as the fix required just a hex key, I was all good. Then, I upgraded to a Blackburn Big Switch. Hex keys, torx screws, and a burly metal construction—a nice tool I still recommend.

But then for Christmas my father-in-law sent me a Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Pack Pliers and whoa, this is an impressive piece of hardware. It has 17 tools in a slim, light, but tough package. It’s only 9mm thick, weighs only 68 grams, and is only 146mm long.

Here’re all 17 tools:

• 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex
• spoke wrench
• valve core wrench
• flat head #3.5 and Phillips #2 screwdriver bits
• T10, T25 Torx-compatible bits
• valve stem sealant clog remover
• valve stem tightener
• master link remover
• master link installer

Is that 17? I think so.

It has a little master link keeper too, for repairing chains on the trail, in addition to the link compressing pliers. The quality is fantastic, and the pieces are all cleverly contained with magnets.

There’s a swiveling head that accepts the hex keys, and allows you to put serious leverage into your loosing and tightening.

I haven’t yet, thankfully, had to use the chain repair tools yet, but it slips easily into any bike bag, even pockets, and it’s the best-designed bike tool I’ve seen.

BUY $70



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