Check Out This Exhaustive POI Map of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

The Great Divide Route traces the Continental Divide from Canada to Mexico. Originally conceived of, researched, and developed by the non-profit organization, Adventure Cycling, it’s one of the longest off-pavement bike routes ever devised, and is a bucket list item for the hardcore bikepacker.

Sarah Swallow is one such hardcore bikepacker. She’s tackled plenty of long-distance routes and takes to her planning like a data scientist, compiling resources for water, campsites, food drop offs, town intersections, big climbs, big drops, you name it.

She spent many, many hours putting together a point of interest (POI) map for her ride of the Tour Divide, a race that follows the Great Divide Route. It’s a masterclass in route planning so we decided to share her work here. Whether or not you’re planning to ride the Great Divide someday or just geek out on planning, this one’s a must watch.

Here’s her map.

Top photo: ThisisfromMarty/Flickr



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