Summer Is a Good Time for Bedrock Cairn Pro II Sandals

Awhile back, we posted the above photo on Instagram and out of the legions of people who liked or commented, one citizen saw past the giant pincers belonging to the sheep crab to the footwear on the human. “What sandals are those? They look rad.” Indeed, they are rad. They are the Bedrock Cairn Pro II Adventure sandals and we’ve been wearing them all spring. Or rather, to drop the royal We, I (Steve Casimiro) have been wearing them. And they’re amazing—the first sandals I’ve found that adjust well to my low-volume feet. The key is the plastic hook and webbing loop system on the heel, which lets you cinch the sandals without a floppy webbing strap. There’s another hook and loop (note, not Velcro) on the inside of the top of the foot. Together, these micro-adjustable systems allow Bedrock to keep the tension adjustment strap short. All of which is a way of saying you get the perfect fit and it feels like a nice, neat package.

If Chacos are your sandal baseline, Bedrocks are considerably thinner and lighter. The sole, which is flat underfoot and has a somewhat shallow tread, measures a half-inch thick. I weighed the Cairn Pro II at 8.8 ounces per sandal, or 248 grams, in men’s size 10. The outsole (which can be resoled) is Vibram Megagrip and it has carried me across slimy tide pool boulders without a slip. Last year, I used Bedrock’s ultra-minimalist Classics as a camp shoe for bikepacking, but since getting the Cairn Pros they’ve stayed on the shelf. Any extra weight is more than compensated by the comfort and support—I’ve put in about five miles a day in the Cairns for the last month without a blister, hotspot, or sore foot. If you’re in the market for new sandals, give these a look.

Our online editor, Justin Housman, adores his too, and sometimes uses them for mellow gravel rides up to nearby lakes.

Cost is about $105-120 depending on which particular model you go with. Shape is unisex. Get ’em here.



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