Here’s Pretty Much Everything You Need In an Off-Road Recovery Kit

Among the many, many outdoor-related events cancelled or postponed this spring and summer because of the coronavirus was the Overland Expo shows. The Overland Expo is a massive gathering held several times in several places across the country where enthusiasts across the spectrum of overland travel get together to share stories, tips, see cool new gear, and learn from some of the hardiest vehicular adventurers on the planet.

So this year, in lieu of the physical gatherings, the Overland Expo organization, like so many other businesses, turned toward video. During the May event, they ran a series of tutorials on their YouTube page. In theory, this actually allowed more people to learn from the driving experts than would otherwise have been able to attend, but of course, it’s no real substitute.

Some of those videos are still available, and we thought this one, outlining a proper recovery kit for an off-road vehicle was super useful. This video runs through the basics of kinetic recovery—essentially using one vehicle to pull out another safely with stretching ropes or straps, and a winch recovery kit, which, obviously, relies on a vehicle winching itself free. The guys in the video, Nick Taylor and Graham Jackson, are longtime instructors at Overland Expo. The kit they’re outlining is made by their company, 7P Overland, but we aren’t endorsing their kit specifically—we haven’t used it.

However, their explanation of what to carry if you’re heading truly out there, way off even the faintest of beaten paths, is a great place to start if you’re outfitting your own rig with oh sh*t equipment.

If you’re in the mood to read about overlanding after watching this video, start with First Overland: London-Singapore by Land Rover by Tim Slessor, the chronicle of a 1955 marathon drive/adventure that introduced the world to the term overlanding.



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