What’s Your Big Adventure Goal for 2020?

As gyms swell with new members, trails clog with new runners and riders, beaches crowd with people determined to learn to surf in the new year, many of those people are probably gearing up for some kind of big trip planned. A climb of a summit that’s always beckoned, a thru-hike, taking on larger surf, maybe a long-distance bikepacking jaunt.

Or perhaps just more local stayventures.

Setting goals for getting out there and accomplishing big things, or even more little things, can be a useful way to stay on task, to prioritize adventure in our lives, to be sure we’re setting aside time for what truly matters to us.

Winging it is fine too, of course, but a big trip goal makes it easier to get time off work, get gear in order, and get the heck out there. We’d love to know what you have planned for this new year.



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