What’s Your Favorite Adventure State?

California. For sure, right? Surfing and skiing and climbing and desert rat-ing and fishing and mountain biking and…and…and. Oh, but Colorado. Everything on that list above, save surfing, with a bigger more robust outdoor culture. Hmm. Utah raises its hand and waves hello, as do Montana and Wyoming. It’s not all about the western states, either. Arkansas has a ton of world-class biking, a big climbing scene, and some badass river possibilities. Plus, you can actually afford to live there. New York has practically all the same variety as California, just on a smaller scale, with easy access to classic Vermont skiing locales as well as NYC.

Oh, then there’s freaking Alaska with its uncrowded and unexplored wilderness with huge mountains and huge bears and huge salmon. And Hawaii, an actual paradise.

Our heads are kinda spinning here about the possibilities. A place like California offers pretty much anything you could want, but, take it from us, you’re gonna want deep pockets to make a go of an adventure life here. Dirtbaggery is a little easier in Idaho or Montana, maybe, in terms of costs, but that’s changing. Colorado offers an accepting and vibrant outdoor culture that’s a ton of fun without even getting into the actual outdoors. Then, um, did we mention Hawaii is truly a paradise?

There are many reasons why a state is the best for adventure. Could be sheer variety, could be that it offers one kinda thrill at a level higher than anywhere else, could be that’s it’s really cheap there, or that it’s just a fun place to be.

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