This One of a Kind VW Bug Was Built for the Dirt

Jamie Wiseman owns an auto garage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, so he has the know-how and tools to make about the coolest overlanding toys you could imagine. Like this ’67 VW Beetle he transformed into a gorgeous off-roader. He and his wife had a trip to Colorado planned and he knew he’d want to get off the pavement and into the backcountry. Wiseman also knew he didn’t want to take a Jeep. It just so happened he had this bug lying around, waiting to be refurbished, so, he had a lightbulb moment: Turn the VW into an overlander.

Wiseman fabricated all sorts of goodies for this puppy. A roll cage, of course, as well as tubular bumpers welded to the cage, and a custom roof rack. He widened and lifted the bug, all with custom suspension parts he built. It has a kerosene heater (interesting) and AC (necessary). Wiseman modded the heck out of the motor so it puts out about 150 horsepower, 70 or so more than the original engine.

It’s only 2WD, but has plenty of ground clearance and torque, and Wiseman didn’t get it stuck on his trip to Colorado, or anywhere else for that matter.

Photos: Jamie Wiseman



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