Skier Kalen Thorien’s 1986 Land Cruiser + Bigfoot Trailer

You’ve probably seen Kalen Thorien somewhere on a billboard ad or in a ski shop window, modeling outdoor gear for one company or another, or maybe you’ve seen her in one of a dozen ski magazines ripping through pow somewhere, or maybe you’re one of her tens of thousands of Instagram followers. She’s made a living out of living an interesting life, as a wildland firefighter, pro big mountain skier, and full-time brand ambassador and adventurer. She was also really stoked when she moved into her trailer, the Bigfoot, which she’d been towing around the desert and mountains behind her Land Cruiser. We’re not sure if she’s still rocking this setup, but she’s definitely still rocking.

Year, Make, Model
1993 Bigfoot Gaucho 17-foot towed by 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ60 Diesel

Does the vehicle have a name?
Francis and the Bigfoot.

Years owned?
Almost one!


How did you get it?
I found Francis in a coffee shop parking lot (Publik Coffee in SLC) and recognized it from a KSL ad (our local classifieds). Figured it was probably sold but texted the guy anyway. He said he was right upstairs with the keys. Took it for a test drive, bought it the next day! The Bigfoot was found in Portland after a trailer buying disaster in Seattle…the lady had grossly exaggerated the “excellent” condition of her vintage Aloha trailer. Basically falling apart once I saw it. Frustrated and needing a trailer quick, I hit the Google. Up popped the Bigfoot at Bob’s RV in Portland. Four hours later I was handing him $8K cash and driving away!

What do you do for a living?
Best job description I’ve come up with is professional skier and adventurer…a fancy term for walking billboard. I spend my time researching and putting together trips that correlate with my passions and the image of my sponsors as well as active on social media posting current photos and write-ups of said adventures.


How did you modify the vehicle, if at all?
The trailer needed minimal modification, Francis has been enough of a handful. But I moved the battery inside to avoid losing power in the cold, added 12V plugs for charging so I don’t have to run the generator to run AC power, and I’m going to be installing Goal Zero solar panels in the spring to make it 100 percent solar powered (except in the winter, because let’s face it, that’s insanely difficult).

How many states has the vehicle visited?
She’s about to visit her 4th state! Utah, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Need to stretch her legs a bit more!

Ski gear, packrafting gear, canyoneering gear, fly fishing gear and backpacking gear, and a Yeti cooler stocked with beer. It’s technically a sport in some countries…

Pros-what do you love about your vehicle?
It’s just the perfect size. Enough room to feel like home but not so big that it’s impossible to take with me everywhere. It’s quirky. It’s kind of ugly in an adorable step-child way. It puts me closer to the places I really love and I don’t have to debate about where I want to live every season. No more rent or bills. I always have all the gear I need for any occasion. Makes packing for a trip incredibly easy. It’s nice to disconnect from my home as well. Once she’s parked, that’s where she stays and then I can adventure from there instead of having to lug my house everywhere.

Cons-what do you not love about your vehicle?
It’s a bit heavy for old Francis, definitely adds a lot of driving time, and towing a trailer isn’t fun. If something breaks, I have to fix it or hire someone to do so, which can add up money-wise. No more landlord to handle all the BS!



Find Kalen at and on Instagram at @kalenthorien.




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