What’s Your Resolution for 2015?

Most New Year’s resolutions revolve around personal improvement and change. “I’m gonna lose a few pounds.” “I’m going to cuss less.” “I’m going to stop eating so many brownies, dammit.”

That’s all well and good. Most people could use a little personal improvement, yours truly included. But I punted the idea of resolutions out the window years ago – if I need to change, why wait until January 1? – in favor of adventure goals.

Two years ago, I vowed to ride a half million vertical feet on my bike, about 1,400 vertical a day, which was an eminently reachable amount. Or it was until I got tired of almost getting killed by distracted drivers and took my quest exclusively to the dirt. By June, the effort ran out of steam and at the end of the year I’d only tallied 250K or so – good, but a far cry from my grand plan.

Last year was better. Like most of us, I was feeling overwhelmed by constant connection via the digital world, but since my business is online and there’s no one else to hold down the fort, I felt like I could never escape it. My solution, or my resolution, was to take one day a week, Fridays, and go completely offline. I called it my “digital sabbath,” and it usually lasted from Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning. Some weeks I hit the road, some I worked on house projects, some I spent on other creative efforts. The good news? I kept it up all year and am still doing it today (winner, winner!).

This year, my goals are more modest. My oldest is leaving for college in eight months, and I want to be around as much as possible, so I’m thinking that sleeping outside 30 nights and checking out 30 new trails, parks, or outdoor destinations is a worthy goal. Like I said, modest. But with two teenagers, an 81-year-old mom who lives down the street, and plenty of other obligations, I want something achievable, but not so easy I can coast.

That’s more than enough about me. What about you? Do use the year’s beginning for vows of renewal? Are you pretty much perfect as you are? As resolutions for the weak and insecure? Let’s hear.

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