We’ve covered Tifosi’s shades before so we know they make good sunnies inexpensively. But after wearing Tifosi’s Sizzle shades for the last month, the question that comes to mind isn’t why the $35 Sizzles are so cheap, but why other sunglasses cost so much. The single shield lens—I have the matte Blackout frame with gray smoke optics—is made of shatterproof polycarbonate and blocks 100 percent of UVA and B light. I’ve worn it mountain biking, trail running, and beach chilling, and the only thing that steamed the lens was wearing a mask. Don’t know how it would match up for optical purity in a lab, but I certainly didn’t have any issues. And comfort….the temple pieces are snug without pinching, and at less than an ounce, you’ll barely notice them on. Worth it? Yes, and then some.

• BUY $35

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