Review: Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk

Lately, most of my bike riding has been of the “adventure-biking” variety. It’s basically bikepacking without the camping. Let’s say, I want to ride my bike to fish the lakes near my house. That means off-trail riding to explore parts of the shoreline. Sometimes, I ride out to watch sunsets on distant rocks, too far for a short walk. Or simpler still: I’ll wonder where a fire road goes. There’s one grueling way to find out—no maps, just ride. So I bring fishing gear or snacks and beers. And that means storage. Which is where the Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk comes in. 

OMM makes some of the sturdiest, simplest, and rattle-free racks out there for bike adventures. And some clever packs.Their new Juniper Trunk pack (7 liters, though it feels bigger than that to me) is a waterproof, tough-as-nails, roll-top pack that straps right to your bike rack. It’s made for most of OMM’s racks, but will work with any rack that accepts the Juniper’s cinch straps. Branding is minimal, with a velcro section on which you can add whatever patch you want for decoration. I love that. It’s basically a badass grocery bag with a zipper pocket. Cram stuff in, roll it down, cinch it tight. 

You might prefer panniers. I don’t. They don’t suit riding through brush and tight paths. It’s good to have a simple, tough trunk on my rear end. Of the bike, that is. I throw in what I need, without worrying about the weather. Just like a car trunk. Hey, remember those?

It costs a reasonable $125 and it’s ready for the end of the world. Or just for a lunch and coffee ride.

Words by Justin Housman



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