Fat Bear Junior Is A Show-Stealing Opener for Fat Bear Week

As your calendar no doubt shows, Katmai National Park’s Fat Bear Week begins next week. That’s when we, as the bear-loving community, will commune online, look at many pictures of the thickest boys and girls roaming Katmai, and vote for the tubbiest of them all.

But this year, Katmai NP has presented us with an opening act that threatens to overshadow the main, a disaster for any headlining act: Fat Bear Junior.

Yes, that’s a bracket-style contest pitting the fattest bear cubs in a chub-off. The winner gets called up to the big leagues to compete in next week’s throw down.

There are four entrants, two spring cubs and two yearlings, and voting begins today and concludes tomorrow. Our money is on Bear 132’s spring cub, mostly because this little champion looks like a feral hog out there.

Photo: NPS Photo/C. Spencer

You can vote here.

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