Tubolito Swears Their New Bike Tubes Are “Unpuncturable”

They are bright orange. They are made from a thermoplastic elastomer. They come with a one-year warranty that will replace a tube if it is punctured. Which is impossible under “normal” use, according to the manufacturer. They are super light, weighing in at 130g for Presta valves, or 139g for Schrader. They are the new X-Tubo City/Tour tubes from Tubolito, the same brand that recently launched a tube that has a phone app to tell you it’s PSI.

Oh, and these unpuncturable tubes cost $25. Each.

They’re for road bikes and touring bikes, fitting 700c tires, 30-50mm wide. According to the video below, the tubes just flat out resist puncturing by pretty much anything sharp. Broken glass, nails, tacks, even freaking barbed wire.

Suddenly that $50 per set doesn’t sound quite so bad. Though, we haven’t used a Tubolito yet, even the regular, very tough but still sorta puncturable ones. So we can’t vouch for them. Yet.

Still, an interesting option.

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