Teva Launches Very Cool Recycling Program For Your Blown to Hell Sandals

Tevas wear out. Hard to believe, but they do. Apparently. I’ve had the same pair for a few years now and other than some dust, they look perfect. Teva wants to keep that rubber and plastic out of landfills, so they’ve partnered with TerraCycle for a cool recycling program. You just go to Teva’s website, navigate to the recycling program, and they’ll send you a label to ship them in. Soon, those shoes will be lots of other things.

Of course, once that material is recycled, whatever it’s been recycled into will likely head to a landfill someday. Recycling isn’t perfect, unless it’s a closed loop system, but it’s better than making virgin plastics and foams, and gives shoes a new life.

Photo: Emma Frances Logan/Unsplash

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