Keep Your Rivian, We’ll Have This Safari-Inspired Alpha Jax EV

Alpha is a new-ish ev company based in Southern California. They haven’t produced a car you can buy yet, but they do have a few concepts that look pretty sweet.

We’re particularly stoked on the new one, the Jax. Looks a little like a Porsche 911/Alpha Romeo mashup, lifted, with big ATs, beefy suspension, and buckets of style.

Look at this:

It’s 4WD, and Alpha is hoping to squeeze 250 miles per charge out of it, with the ability to tow 1,850 pounds. Like seemingly every other interesting EV out there, it’s just a concept at this point, with Alpha taking reservations to gauge interest. If it hits digital showrooms, it’s expected to start at about $39k, and they’re hoping to deliver units in 2023.

Vaporware? Yeah, maybe. But jeez, it looks cool.

Photos: Alpha website

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