What It Takes to Make a First Descent of a Major Couloir

It’s no knock on ski films that they often make major lines look like cakewalks—risky cakewalks, but cakewalks nonetheless. In fact, dropping a spicy narrow, unskied line is more akin to tackling an alpine route: doing your beta, waiting for conditions, etc. And that’s how a group of veteran Swedish skier-mountaineers approached a couloir they named Republiken—carefully, cautiously, and with humility. This half-hour film documents their process, from their astonishment that such a line hadn’t yet been skied to a communication glitch during the descent that led part of the group to worry that the worst had happened to the others. The scenery is mind-blowing, the footage comprehensive, and the skiers fun to hang with. Kudos to them for a great ski done right.

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