Your Gear Closet Can Also Be Your ‘Office’ Furniture Solution

We’ve long been proponents of working from anywhere you can. Partly because, well, we don’t have an office, but also because working outside is almost always better than working inside. That can of course mean your porch, your backyard, patio, balcony, fire escape, sidewalk, city park, Yosemite Valley, etc. Because we’re all camping lovers here, we’re pretty much dialed when it comes to stuff you can use outside.

Our favorite setup, well, online editor Justin Housman’s, anyway, is this little combo of the REI Kingdom Rocker paired with the Helinox Table One Hard Top. Not only is this a great and packable solution for car camping or even just car lunching, it’s pretty much essential as a mobile office space.

The Kingdom Rocker is super comfortable, sturdy as hell, and allows for plenty of contemplative rocking action. Helpful while emailing or staring meaningfully at a babbling brook. It also has a convenient little pocket for your phone or beverage or fishing pole, just right there at your hip.

Helinox’s table, in this case, a collab with Filson, is the best small camp table we’ve used. It weighs only two pounds, but is incredibly strong, capable of supporting 100 pounds. Snaps together in seconds with DAC poles too. Need a little ground cover, bang, the CGear sand free mat keeps dirt on the bottom, letting grit pass through from the top only. Genius.

We take this setup camping, obviously, but it’s the perfect backyard/streamside work station too.

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