Satisfy Your Dadcore Bike Sandals Lust With Shimano’s 25th Anniversary SPDs

It’s hard for sandals to look cool. Flip-flops can, sorta, but full-on sandals prioritize comfort over coolness and that’s perfectly fine. But what if you need cycling performance too out of your sandal? Well, bang, lipless sandals.

Shimano came out with their first lipless SPD sandals 25 years ago and to celebrate the occasion, they’ve released a new pair with some modern styling touches. Basically, they’re a cooler version of the Shimano SH-SD5 Touring Sandal that lots of people love.

Are they dadcore? Heck yes. But good luck finding bike shoes with ventilation like this on a nice hot day. Just don’t ride with ’em anywhere near cactus country. Yikes.

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