Poisson Blanc Regional Park is a heaven of outdoor opportunity north of Ottawa. Hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, sure. But also the place is dotted with small islands, many of which offer backpacking sites accessible by kayak and canoe. Or a really long swim, we suppose.

Also, there is this cabin, La Pointe, accessible only by a walk of a bit less than a mile from the park’s main reception pavilion. A “micro-refuge” according to the designers, L’Abri, a Montreal-based architecture firm. Micro is, however, in the eye of the beholder, after all. The cabin can sleep four occupants, though it would be cozy. Two are optimum. Downstairs there is a kitchenette that can handle any backcountry cooking needs you can conjure. The bedroom is upstairs, or upladder, really, in a lofted perch. A full porch allows for whiskey-sipping opportunities in the evenings, contemplative morning coffees. Heating comes from a wood-burning fireplace. During warm summer months, cooling is just a covered terrace away.

The abbreviated A-frame design gives the cabin its name—La Pointe. It’s meant to evoke a nostalgic feeling for traditional 1950s cabins while being a thoroughly modernized version. Solar panels help the feeling of modernity, providing all the electricity consumed in the structure. So too does the minimalist design.


It’s quite easy to imagine a weekend away in the cabin, snow falling gently, a pair of snowshoes resting on the porch, coffee warming on the stove, time a meaningless concept.


Photos: Jack Jérôme, Ronny Lebrun / L’Abri

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