I guess you could buy a Tacoma, maybe Jeep’s new pickup, perhaps a Sprinter van, maybe even work up the courage for a well-maintained (for as long as that lasts) Westy Syncro, but me, I’ll take one of these incredible 1990s-era Puch-built G-Wagens now offered for sale.

Puch is an Austrian company that built the Mercedes G-Wagen under license for the Swiss military. In this case, a specialist Mercedes tuner called Lorinser is selling “numerous” G-Wagens all built between 1990-1996. The mileage for the badass fleet ranges between 45,000 to 220,000 km. Each comes with a 4-cylinder gas engine and a four-speed automatic transmission. All of the rigs are full-time 4x4s and come with locking read differentials.

There are hard tops and there are soft tops. Some equipped with benches running the length of the rear of the vehicle, some have metal folding tables installed.


If you like your older vehicles touched up with a modern flair, Lorinser offers them as restomods, complete with winches, LED lightbars, 16-inch alloy wheels, a refurbed body painted to any color you can dream up, and fancied leather seats.

The prices for these are probably less than you’re thinking, though still not exactly cheap.

Depending on mileage, the base models will run you from €15,200 to €19,500, when factoring in mileage and wear and tear—that’s about $17,000 to $21,700. The restomods start at about €50,000 depending on options.

You can read more about them in Lorinser’s press release, here.

Now then, importing one, well, that might be tricky, but not impossible. The price is low enough that it might be worth the headache on ensuring the rig passes smog and safety regulations.

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