If everything is bigger in Texas, does that extend to a tiny house? You can discover that yourself at this small, cabin-on-wheels outside of Austin, smack in the middle of the state. It’s called the Elsewhere Cabin and you can find it near the small rural community of Georgetown. Should you find yourself in the Austin area and needing an escape from the city for a few days, the Elsewhere Cabin can be booked via Airbnb for less than $100 per night.

The cabin was designed by architect Sean O’Neill with the feel of a lazy afternoon on a big Texas porch in mind. Sitting in a rocking chair, perhaps, cold glass of iced tea sweating in the heat, the buzz of insects and the murmuring of cattle carried aloft in the breeze. The cabin is open to the surrounding hills, dotted with oaks, plenty of sunlight washing over the waving grasses. There is a fishing pond (catch and release only please) on the grounds and wildlife traipsing through. One entire side of the cabin is porch, with big glass windows that can enclose the area in foul weather and still provide views of the pastureland and vineyards in the distance.

The walls are cedar that was charred on the property. The inside of the cabin is minimalist but provides everything one needs for a few days of lazing. A kitchen, bathroom, sitting area with a working desk, and a sleeping loft pair with electricity provided by solar panels. The cabin is perched on a trailer so that it can be towed for a different view, perhaps to change the angle of sunlight, face into or out of the wind. Everything is enclosed in a cabin of only 160 square feet. But then there’s that porch. Extending the vibe of relaxation in nature about as far as you can see.


Photos: Airbnb/Sean O’Neill

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