Hey, everybody! I am thrilled to tell you that we have just launched Adventure Journal’s first product in our new line of soft-cover pocket notebooks. The three-pack of notebooks features tan, white, and black books, each 3.5 by 5 inches, with 48 pages of dot-grid sheets. The cover art comes from US Geological Survey topo maps of some of America’s most iconic mountains: tan is Maine’s Mt. Katahdin, white is Wyoming’s Grand Teton, and black is California’s Mt. Whitney. Cost is $12.95.

We created these notebooks because there’s never been a notebook brand dedicated solely to the outdoors, outdoor adventure, and the love of nature. There’s also never been a notebook brand striving for best-practices sustainability. With AJ pocket notebooks, we print in a shop that is Forest Stewardship Council certified from top to bottom, the paper is FSC certified sustainable, and the inks are soy-based. Best of all, for each three-pack sold, we plant a tree through our partner Eden Reforestation, which means we plant 500 times the trees we actually use to make the notebooks. We’re pretty sure these are the most sustainable journals in the world.

They’re also beautiful and useful. The inside front and back covers have topo map scales, temperature conversions, wind speed estimation, and more. There are metric and imperial rulers. The heavy 120# cover stock feels great in your hands and the 60# body stock is bright and takes ink or graphite wonderfully.

We’ve been testing handmade mockups and pre-production samples for six months, and what I think is the coolest is how “Adventure” and “Journal” interact and reinforce one another to inspire you to get outside, do rad stuff, and then write or sketch about it. The cover says “Adventure Journal,” but I picture it saying “go have an Adventure and Journal about it.” Pretty darn motivating and reinforcing. Of course, the notebook is a blank sheet—you’ll make yours, well, yours.

There’s a lot more fun stuff on the horizon, too. We’re planning quarterly drops of new designs, artist and photographer collaborations, NGO partnerships to help raise funds, and even radder products beyond that. Hope you’re as psyched as we are!

Get your notebooks here.

Steve Casimiro


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