There are many, many reminders in the days preceding the holiday to party safely and responsibly over the 4th of July weekend. A bear in Colorado, however, ignored all of them on Thursday evening when it crawled into a Subaru and drove it into a tree. The bear, lured by something in the car, discovered it unlocked, opened a door, and wriggled in. The door closed behind the bear, sending the animal into a claustrophobic panic. Clawing at each door in a bid to escape, the bear “apparently butt-shifted the car into neutral,” according to the Boulder County Sheriff. The roomy, capable AWD Forester then began to careen downhill, under the negligent control of the bear. 100 feet later, the car struck a tree, bringing the joyride to completion. It also popped open a door and the bear vacated the Subaru, escaping into the wilds, where it is no doubt bragging to its bear friends.

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