For many Jeep enthusiasts and overlanders who may be Jeep-curious, the release of the 2020 Jeep Gladiator pickup is the story of the year. Excitement about that story will reach a fever pitch at this year’s Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, an annual gathering showing off Jeep concepts and trail rigs.

Jeep recently released a handful of concepts ahead of the event, the most interesting of which is something they ought to seriously consider mass-producing, given the buzz around overlanding. It’s called the “Wayout” and it’s a modified Rubicon version of the Gladiator. That’s the highest-end, most off-road capable version of the truck, at least we think it is.

It’s just a concept, of course, but the Wayout would be a turnkey starter set for somebody who wanted to get into long-distance trips way into the backcountry without having to do a whole lot of legwork, or any at all really, setting up a new rig. It’s also a pretty good preview of what you could do with a trail-ready Gladiator if you were to sink many thousands of dollars into outfitting it for the wild.


The roof sports a Maggiolina popup tent and a lovely canopy providing a huge amount of protection from the sun and rain. The metal tent frame has a cool ladder built in, accessible by standing on the massive fender flares over the rear tires. Setting it up looks simple, quick, and easy, the three sweetest words when it comes to getting camp ready.

Here is a video of the tent popping up and some marketing people pretending to camp.

Fuel cans are smartly recessed into the side of the truck, Maxtrax recovery boards sit right in the bed, and there is a massive 12,000-pound Warn winch bolted to the front of the truck. And, of course, a snorkel and aftermarket off-road lights for decoration/serious off-roaders.

Cool storage bins slide out from below the truck’s bed and there’s a custom rack on the front of the roof with storage webbing.

The 17-inch steel wheels are custom for this concept, but the cool olive drab paint scheme is a stock option. No word on whether than tan hardtop is also a stock choice.

The Gladiator supposedly goes on sale in the spring. Which is, uh, now, so it should be available pretty soon if you were looking to spend upwards of $40,000 on a new off-roader.

Here’s a good shot of a seriously big mobile basecamp footprint.

The inside of the tent, complete with lighting.

This interior shot doesn’t show it particularly clearly, but the seats have a pattern of topo lines on them, a cool touch.

Promo shot of where you’d rather be.

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