Jimmy Chin’s Alex Honnold ‘Free Solo’ Film Trailer Drops

Going to be the adventure film of the year, and here’s the tease.

Um, yes, please. Been eager to see anything related to Free Solo since Jimmy first told me about the project way back when. Alex Honnold frees El Cap. Jimmy Chin and others shoot it. National Geographic backs it. Very likely going to be the adventure film of the year, and here’s the trailer.


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  • Dave Lyle

    Hold shit! Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Just seeing the trailer’s pretty gripping…just the thought of the consequences! Fortunately, he made it! EPIC! But I can’t wait to see the entire film…and I’m sure I’ll be gripped the whole time anyway!

  • Dan Murphy

    When the movie *does* come out, how would we see it?

    It’s kinda funny, I see these trailers all the time for various adventure films, but never get to see the actual movie. Am I that insulated?

    • Steve Casimiro

      I believe it’s going to have theatrical release.

    • Rick

      This film is by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin, the same duo behind Meru. Meru had a limited theatrical run, including those not focused solely on mountain or outdoor films (I was able to see it in a small theater in the metro DC area). It then released on Blu-Ray, so pretty much anyone could buy it. With National Geographic involved in this film, I’d expect that we will get a disc release at minimum and hopefully also a decent theatrical run.

      • Trevor Taylor

        Meru is available from all the usuals (Apple, GooglePlay, YouTube) for Rent or Buy. Free Solo will get there pretty soon as well, although this really should be seen on the big screen (hey, IMAX would have been fantasm, as well as impossible).

        Q: People still rent and buy discs?

  • Swenson

    Can not wait to see this. The catharsis is high.

  • RM2Ride

    If you haven’t seen Meru, see it as a warmup. Jimmy does a great job with that movie – tells a good story as well as provides gripping cinematography. I have little doubt he’ll do as well with this movie.

  • Jeff Fujita

    And no CGI. Aside from more sustained efforts over months or years, I consider his free solo feat the greatest performance in melding the mental and physical aspects of challenging oneself…he’s in a league of his own.

  • David Dumont

    World premiere at TIFF in September. Theatrical release in fall is the plan. I imagine it will all depend on how the sale goes at TIFF.

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