Adventure Journal Pocket Notebooks


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Notebooks have always been a key part of an active life, and Adventure Journal has a long tradition of celebrating outdoor journals, nature sketchbooks, and what Robert Scott called “these rough notes.” Notebooks are windows to the past and imperatives for the future, and now we have launched our own, bringing the same design ethos and passion for the outdoors that you see in our magazine to a line of soft-cover, pocket-size notebooks. It is a simple idea, perhaps, but in the long history of outdoor journals, no brand has built each and every product on the commitment to and passion for the outdoors.

Our pocket journals feature themes, photography, and art that directly reflect outdoor adventure. The outside cover of each outdoor notebook is evocative and connected to themes of sports, pursuits, and destinations, while the inside covers feature information, beta, tips, etc., unique to each theme. Beautiful to look at, pleasing to hold, eminently useful, we hope our pocket-size notebooks will become a precious part of the adventurer’s kit.


• 120# cover stock

• 48 pages of 60# dot grid paper

• 3.5 wide x 5.5 inches

Sold only in three packs with one of each color

Covers feature topo lines from Mt. Whitney, Grand Teton, and Mt. Katahdin


• AJ’s notebooks are built using the best environmental practices. We will plant one tree for every three-pack sold.

• Our supply chain, which is already established, is fully Forest Stewardship Council certified. Our paper is FSC certified, too, and our inks are plant-based.