Adventure Journal Issue 10


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Hey there! Adventure Journal 10 includes:

• The great, new, border-to-border American bikepacking route that no one knows about.

• Doug Peacock on the 50th anniversary of Desert Solitaire—and why Ed Abbey’s militant masterpiece is more important than ever.

• The profoundly powerful experience of being a black woman in the wilderness.

• The art of the summit selfie. Wait, is it an art? Should you take one? Brendan Leonard dives in.

• A Weekend Cabin at the end of the world.

• Colorado’s mountain culture artist John Fellows.

• Jen Buck’s extraordinarily emotional photography

• The paralyzed Polish dudes overlanding the world.

• Where the bodies are buried: New Jersey’s spooky, surreal Pine Barrens.

Adventure Journal is printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper in California.

132 pages, perfect bound, 130lb cover, 80lb uncoated body

Just 15 pages of advertising