Serves: 2-4Total time: 20 minutes[ratings]

Tortillas are camping staples where I come from. They pack well, can put up with a ton of abuse (can’t be smashed, basically), don’t need to be kept cold, and can serve as a delivery vehicle for all kinds of food. Salami? Check. PB and J? Absolutely. Cheese? You got it. Even plain, they can be plenty tasty. I’ve even taken fresh tortillas and smothered them with butter and a little chili powder and rolled them up for a kind of trail tacos, stuffing a few into my backpack for lunch streamside.

But this taco recipe is way, way better. This recipe calls for vegetarian chorizo, but fresh pork chorizo is also a great call if you have the capacity to deal with meat clean up in the backcountry. Toppings, veggies, anything you want to add work here, the chorizo, and good tortillas, are the star. This recipe uses only 9 ingredients all of which weigh just over 2 pounds combined, so it’s a lightweight meal that’s also filling.


Recipe courtesy Montyboca



Tortillas, flour or corn (8)
Field Roast (or your choice of brand) Chorizo, 13 oz
Red bell pepper
Green onion, 1 bunch
Oil, 2 tbsp
Chili, 2 tbsp
Salt, 1 tsp

*any veggies work here: zucchini, broccoli, carrots–anything you like



Chop chorizo, onion, pepper, lime
Turn on burner, medium heat
Add oil, chorizo, pepper, onion, salt, chili powder
Cook, 3-5 minutes, reserve
Toast tortillas in clean, dry pan
Add chorizo, veggie mixture to tortillas
Top with cheese, garnish with lime wedge

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