Serves: 2-4Total time: 20 minutes[ratings]

Close your eyes and imagine you’re finishing the first day of a backpacking trip and you’ve just put down 12 miles of high elevation hiking with a load of 35 pounds on your back. It’s been a slog of a day. Gorgeous, but a slog. There was that dicey river crossing you fell to your knees in. That section that gained 2,000 vertical feet in three miles. Your left hip flexor revolted around mile 5, your right calf muscle at mile 10. But here you are, a small meadow tucked beneath a snow-capped peak, a turquoise lake feeding a small, clear stream at your feet. You’re freaking starving. Aside from a cheeseburger, what’s about the most filling, satisfying, gut-filling meal you can imagine?

Grits, bacon, and cheddar. Yeah, that’ll do it.

This recipe is another from MONTyBOCA from their family of camp-friendly meals that all have 10 or fewer ingredients, take less than 30 minutes to prepare, and weigh two-three pounds or so. It’s hearty and filling and not immediately vegetarian-friendly, though soy bacon and veggie cheese options are plentiful out there in the world. You could probably use dehydrated eggs to cut down on weight, too.




Recipe/photos, courtesy Chef Corso and MONTyBOCA


• Water, 24 ounces
• Quick cook grits/polenta, 2 cups
• Salt, 1/2 tsp
• Pre-cooked bacon, 2 ounces
• Cheddar cheese, 4 ounces
• Eggs, 4
• Green onions, 1/2 bunch
• Yogurt, sour cream, 1/4 cup


1. Chop cheese, green onions, set aside
2. Turn burner to medium heat
3. Boil water
4. Add grits, salt, bacon, eggs — Stir
5. Cook 3-5 minutes until mixture is soft and hydrated and eggs are cooked
6. Add cheese, green onions, and yogurt/sour cream — Stir

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