Santa Cruz, California
Women’s Adventure Film Tour: Santa Cruz
January 26, 2019

To be clear, everyone is welcome to attend the Women’s Adventure Film Tour stops. It’s not for women only. The stories are universal; the quest for an outdoor life transcends gender. It’s just that in this film festival, women are the stars of those odysseys.

This year’s crop of films has an air of urgency that’s magnetic, not chaotic. The stories range from a surfing congresswoman to a 5-year-old that’s seen more adventure in her rearview mirror than many people will in a lifetime, to a group of competitive Nepalese mountain bikers. The theme that links these disparate lives is that there is no time like the present to make good on your dreams.

And if pure athleticism is your jam, settle in for wicked good climbing sequences of Monique Forestier in Nemesis, and Brianna Cope charging Hawaiian waves in her quest to make the World Cup Tour of Surfing, in Surfing to Cope.

Event Date
January 26
Santa Cruz, California
$12 to $15
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